👉👈 Dispatch #03

What's been up since 8/17: Course Registration Social this Sunday, free stuff you can get as a college student and Finding People in Your Area.

💬 From the Columbia Connect Community

Columbia Connect keeps growing!

🌎 Where in the World…?

We got so much interest in our “Where in the World” series that we decided to create a form called “Find People in Your Area”. Since college is online, look out for invites for location based virtual mixers from us. Feel free to create GroupMe’s and have safe and socially distanced meet-ups in your area if you’d like a study buddy or a new friend to hang out with. Fill out our form below!

Find People in Your Area

🌀To Live and Die on the Internet

We at Columbia Connect are not going to pretend as though we weren’t Extremely Online pre-pandemic as well, but these new circumstances have taken our internet addiction to new and dizzying heights. Each week, we’ll share a link or two to cool websites, virtual events, and online exhibitions we find interesting. Let us know if any of them particularly resonated with you! If you’ve come across anything cool that you would like to share with the community or have thoughts on a particular link we’ve shared don’t hesitate to reach out!

This week’s picks:

1. Gap Year Community

Check out remotestudents.co’s gap year community! You can find out about internship opportunities and connect with other students who are planning to take the year (or semester) off.

2. WindowSwap.

If you’re bored staring out your own window, why not stare out someone else’s window? WindowSwap is your chance to peek out of random strangers’ windows around the world. Go on and take a sneaky look!

✅ Our Tip of the Week

Tip #03: You’re officially a COLLEGE STUDENT! Now you can get access to a bunch of free stuff, get discounts and great deals on Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, Microsoft Office, and the Washington Post. Check out UNiDAYS and sign up with your college email. Trust us, it will save you a lot of $$.


🌟Student Spotlight

Meet Hannah (she/her) an incoming freshman hoping to major in Economics (and maybe Psychology!) 

  • Find me on: Instagram

  • Aspirations: biZneSs

  • Motivations: shiba inus, citrus candles, marketing, Vice podcasts, carrot cake, sparkling water, and atla

  • Frustrations: too cold, can’t surf 😔 lack of Asian rep in media

  • Something random: I play the harp!! Also, I will beat you in Mario Kart :)

  • Currently on repeat: Post Malone, Rich Brian, Rex, Kota the Friend, Playboi Carti

📅 Upcoming Events

Course Registration Social, Sunday, August 30th at 12PM EST

We know you’re in the midst of deciding what classes to take. Come hang with us this Sunday at 12PM EST to alleviate any confusion you may have. We’ll have a breakout room with a panel of upperclassmen to advise you on classes you’ve picked, provide you with inside info on workload etc., and give you tips on how to do online school. We’ll also have breakout rooms named after various big classes (like Econ 101, LitHum etc.) so you can get to know your peers before school starts!

Calendar invites will be sent soon. Stay tuned.

We have a ton of bonding sessions lined up this week. Our team continues to dedicate itself to ensuring that you meet and interact with people we feel you’d hit it off with. We hope you’re as excited as our Connectors are to bond and make new friends!

‼️‼️If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t worry - there’s still plenty of time‼️‼️ Sign up now and we’ll match you based on your preferences:

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